Where to Buy

Kid Trax has been producing award winning battery powered ride on toys for over 10 years. Our attention to detail, design, and play features have made us a top selling riding-toy brand around theworld! Kid Trax has a long legacy of innovation. We were the first brand of ride on’s to introduce popular features such as working FM radios, MP3 player attachments, cup holders, and LED day timerunning lights as far back as 2003.

Our toys are not only fun for kids but also easy to own for parents. All of our products have factory applied decals - meaning the product will look great right out of the box, and also eliminates a frustrating assembly step for parents. We use metal reinforcing brackets in the frames of our large cars to help them withstand the abuse of daily driving. Our products are equipped with the highest quality batteries and electrical components to not only improve performance, but also increase the rider’s safety.

Additionally, all of our toys come with rubberized traction control strips on the rear wheels to grip pavement, grass, and gravel more easily so your little driver won’t get stuck as soon as the fun starts. This small feature can make a big difference in the enjoyment of a ride on, and while it is standard for all Kid Trax Items, it is not a common feature in the rest of the industry.

We also offer Kid Trax Direct Connect™ charging on our premium models. This is an external battery charging port that makes recharging the vehicle a simple two step connection that is just like when Mom and Dad fuel up at the gas station.

There are many reasons to buy a Kid Trax ride on, but these are the features that stand out above the rest. As you look for the prefect ride on for your child, we hope you choose Kid Trax.



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