Owner's Manual

Current Models

Audi TT (KT1151TG)English
Avigo Audi R8 (5F62630)English
Avigo Mini Cooper Paceman (5F6262F)English
Black Mercedes ML63 (5F60AD7)English
Cars Baja Mcqueen Quad (KT1149)English / French / Spanish
Disney Fairies Quad (KT1147)English / French / Spanish
Disney Frozen Toddler Quad (KT1168 / KT1167)English
Disney Frozen Twinkling Lights Scooter (KT1164 / KT1165)English
Disney Princess Twinkling Lights Scooter (KT1107TG / KT1107TR / KT1107i)English
Disney Toddler Quad (KT1159, KT1160)English
Doc McStuffins Toy Rescue Ambulance (KT1133KM)English
Dodge Charger Police Cruiser (KT1111WM / KT1111i)English
Jake and the Never Land Pirates Quad (KT1138)English
KTX ATV Quad (KT1158) English
KIA Sing-A-Long Soul CarEnglish
Mickey Mouse Toddler Quad (KT1122TR)English
Minnie Mouse Toddler Quad (KT1123TR)English
MINI Cooper Paceman (KT1152TR)English
Planes Dusty Quad (KT1148)English / French / Spanish
Premium Princess Quad (KT1146)English / French / Spanish
Mini Cooper 12v (KT1052TR)English
Ram 3500 Dually Longhorn Edition (KT1100WM and KT1100i)English
SRT Viper GTS 6v (KT1101WM / KT1101WMI)English
SRT Viper Convertible (KT1108TG / KT1113TGI / KT1114TGI)English
VW Beetle Convertible (KT1134WM / KT1134I / KT1134 / KT1173WM / KT1174 / KT1172)English

Previous Models

Avigo Dreamer Quad (9KT1042TR)English
Avigo Dreamer Quad Tech Bulletin (KT1042TR)English
Avigo Mercedes (KT1059TG and 5F5EAD4)English|Spanish
Avigo RC Coupe (KT1075TR)English
Avigo Wild Fire Quad (5F5EFE1)English
Corvette C6 (KT1019)English
Corvette (Pink - KT1023English|Spanish
Corvette Race Car(KT1006)English
Disney CARS Toddler Quad (KT1016TG)English
Disney Princess Scooter (KT1004TG)English
Disney Princess Scooter (KT1024WM)English
Disney Princess Toddler Quad (KT1018TG)English
Dodge Charger Police Car (KT1081WM)English
Dodge Racing Viper (KT1045WM)English | Spanish
Dynamite JeepEnglish
Fire Truck (KT1003)English
Groovy Girls Va Va Vroom Scooter (KT1001)English
Hello Kitty Toddler Quad (KT1037WM) English
Honda CBR 1000 Motorcycle (KT1058WM)English
Honda Pedal Quad (KT1094TR)English
Mega RacerEnglish
Melody Toddler Quad (KT1014TG)English
Mercedes Benz 300SL (KT1086WM)English
Mini Cooper 6v (KT1098TG)English
Mongoose Raider Quad (12127_KT1085WM)English
Mossy Oak Toddler Quad (KT1048WM)English
Moto Trax Toddler Quad (KT1010TG)English
Sidekick Scooter (KT1055)English
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