What is the life expectancy of a Kid Trax battery?

Battery life depends on how you follow the Charging and Battery Maintenance Instructions of the User Guide. It is also affected by the number of hours the battery is used. Average battery life is one to three years.


How long should the battery be charged?

The battery should be charged 24 hours prior to first use. After each use, or once a month minimum, charge the battery for a full 16 hours. Do not leave the battery on the charger for more than 30 hours. Unplug charger after each use. Avoid using an extension cord or charger may not work properly. Read and follow all warnings before charging the battery. Read your owner's manual for further instruction.


How do I get the FM radio to work?

Refer to “Install AA batteries for FM Radio” section in the User Guide.


What if I hear a constant "beeping" sound, even after a complete charge?

The repetitive "beeping" sound is the low battery warning beep. If this still sounds even after complete charge, chances are the battery is no longer capable of accepting a complete charge or the charger is defective and needs replaced. Be sure to check the charger LED light.


How do I obtain a Service Center?

Refer to our customer service section for assistance. Sales receipt required to validate warranty.


How do I get my Kid Trax unit to go into 2nd (5mph)? 

Almost all of our 12 volt units have been designed with a "parent lock-out" safety feature in the shifter. Simply remove by using a Phillips screwdriver. 6 volt units only have one speed (2.5mph).


How long is my warranty?

All Kid Trax products have a 12 month warranty from the original date of purchase against manufacture defect (excluding the battery). The battery has a 6 month warranty from the original date of purchase against manufacture defect. An original receipt is required to validate your warranty. Refer to our warranty section for further information.


Why is my Kid Trax ride-on not working after a full charge, 1st time use (brand new out of box)?

Make sure the charger is disconnected from the battery, the battery is re-connected to the opposite connector under the seat/hood and the ride-on is turned 'ON'. Some of our models have a '|' for 'ON' and 'O' for 'OFF'.


Why has my child's Toddler Quad suddenly stopped working after a complete 8 - 10 hour re-charge?

Be sure the charger was connected to the connector under the seat, NOT the white connector under the handlebars during charge time. Re-connect the battery to the motor connector under the seat and try pressing the fuse re-set button located on the bottom of your Quad between the two rear wheels.


Why is my child's Mongoose Raider / Fast Lane Quad still not working after a full 8 - 10 hour charge?

Prior to first use, the black battery cover must be removed and plug the battery connector to the battery terminal. Be sure to press 'ON' or '|' and take out of the 'STOP' or center position. Now press the foot pedal.


Why is my child's Mongoose Raider / Fast Lane Quad not working while I am charging the battery? 

The Quad will never function while the charger is still connected to the charge port under the seat. This is a safety feature to prevent damage to your charge chord. Remove charger completely from charge port.


Why do I hear the "hum" of the motor but my child's Mongoose Raider / Fast Lane Quad still does not move?

Kid Trax 6 volt models only have one drive motor & one drive wheel. Most likely the rear axle and/or rear drive wheel was not assembled properly. Please refer to our Mongoose Raider Quad Tech Bulletin.


Why after a complete charge does my child's 12 volt ride-on not have lights, sounds, or no motor function?

Our Kid Trax 12 volt ride-on's requires the connector on the bottom side of the dash be connected to the opposite connector coming from the main body of the ride-on. The "key" is also the ON/OFF switch. Check out our technical bulletins for further information.


On my child’s Dodge Charger Police Cruiser, the lights and sounds do work and the battery charge indicator on the dash shows full charge. However, there is still no motor function?

This is usually just a loose wire or disconnected connector behind the shifter/switch assembly. Check out our technical bulletins for further information.


Does the Dodge Charger Police Cruiser and Mini Cooper S shift into Reverse?

The shifter must be held down due to a newly designed safety spring handle, and press the foot pedal.